What is the portfolio of SASHA VUJINOVIC?

Sasha Vujinovic

Founder and owner, Graduate in business administration


At the beginning of our family company we were pleased to provide assistance to our customers in these two important areas of life: Career Management and Cash Management. We acted as insurance broker and finance broker. So we were able to choose from more than 350 companies and thousands of products from all over Germany. Customers got a tailor-made concept including the suitable solutions in order to have lifelong enough liquidity for the material goals and aspirations.

Today SASHA VUJINOVIC is exclusively specialized on Career Management. We provide assistance to trainees, students and handball pros in order to achieve the aspired goals at best. How do we do that? This website is just a little foretaste of what awaits our customers. You would like to know more? We are looking forward to hearing/reading from you.

Yours sincerely
Sasha Vujinovic

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